How to create API key for FTX exchange

This article I will guide you to create API key for 3rd party integration on FTX exchange << referral link for 5% trading fee discount

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

1) Create new subaccount (if needed) why? because you should not put your whole account at risk!!! how?

2) Open API setting

3) Press the Create API Key button

4) Now you can use the API Key

⚠️ remember you’ve to store API Secret in the save place because you will never see it again after closing the popup and more importantly never share it to anyone/anywhere except the trusted 3rd party that you’d like to connect with ⚠️

That’s it, hope you can connect your FTX subaccount to the 3rd party by now.

Bonus: FTX auto lending (compounding) bot



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